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Delos Insurance

Science and AI Combined to Determine Wildfire Risk

Powered by geospatial machine learning, cutting edge research, and proprietary data.

Delos Technology Use Cases

Portfolio Analysis

Delos’ Hazard, Embercast, and Vulnerability Models are combined to determine expected loss and maximum loss

Risk Selection

Underlying models are able to determine which areas are likely to burn and which areas are not, to an industry-leading accuracy.

Pricing Model

These models area also folded into Delos’ pricing model, driving premium values in wildfire-exposed regions.

delos - advanced wildfire risk map

Wildfire Hazard Model

Advanced wildfire risk map

Unprecedented spatial AI technology, using a pipeline of constantly updating rich data sets. Data sets include ecological, topological, climatic, and ignition-based factors.

Embercast Model

Prepare for high loss events

Wind-driven fires have become the loss-driving events in recent years. Delos predicts what areas are at risk for urban conflagrations.

delos - advanced technology

Advanced Technology

Our exclusive Embercast Model uses advanced science and proprietary data-driven methodology.

delos - Evaluate risk icon

Evaluate Risk

Delos identifies embercast risk and urban conflagration probability

Vulnerability Model

Protect your property

Structures can be hardened to protect against total loss one size does not fit all: our cutting edge technology models dynamic interactions between wildfire type, intensity, and home hardening effectiveness.

delos - vulnerability model image

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